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March 12, 2015 /Uncategorized /

Digital Asset Management & Rich Media Innovations Unveiled at Adobe Summit

By John Landwehr

Along with our yearly rollout of Adobe Experience Manager, this week we’re announcing three new enhancements to the Adobe Experience Manager Assets, all focused on digital asset management (DAM) and dynamic media delivery for customer experiences.

First, we’re introducing a new 100 percent cloud delivery option for Experience Manager Assets. Second, we’re bringing in new ways for creative pros to connect to Experience Manager Assets. Finally, we’ve added over 30 powerful asset management features to our enterprise solution.

We’ve learned that one of the most powerful advantages to having digital assets in the cloud is that they’re globally, centrally accessible, 24/7, to everyone who uses them – from the employees that manage them to citizens that engage online every day.

With this upgrade of Adobe Experience Manager, we’ve also enhanced capabilities for collaborating with external agencies. With a few clicks you can select and share assets with trusted partners. The purpose is to eliminate the endless email chain and invite external agencies and partners to participate in your department’s workflow. This is the easiest way to ensure that creative source files end up protected instead of on someone’s desktop.

Last year, we welcomed hundreds of new DAM customers to the Adobe Experience Manager solution. Today, Experience Manager Assets is managing millions of assets in the cloud and receiving 342 billion requests of rich-media delivery traffic monthly for both public and private sector customers.

We’re excited to bring this offering to our customers in the public sector to allow them to streamline their DAM and create dynamic experiences for citizens and employees

To learn more about our DAM improvements, click here.