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February 8, 2009 /Justice & Safety /

Report recommends use of electronic disclosures for handling complex cases in Ontario, Canada

Today, as I catch up on the emails flooding my inbox, I came across an email that I wanted to share and which I thought was quite timely given my recent entry on court case management (Court Case Managment: Beyond the wasted paper).

Amidst the salutations that usually arrive in an email, the key statement that stood out was:

“Ontario Supreme Court Justice The Honorable Patrick J Lesage and University Professor Michael Code have released a report to the public on major case management in the province of Ontario. This report ‘SPECIFICALLY’ names Adobe on no less than 5 separate occasions as the standard for electronic disclosure across the province. The report also recommends the province adopt Acrobat for case management for policing, crown attorneys and the legal community at large.”

Adobe PDF and Acrobat are already widely used in Ontario to address the real challenges of accurately and efficiently collecting and collaborating on documents and evidence for a given investigation.

I think transforming the way information is collected at the onset of a case is critical to the transformation of the downstream process within the courts and enforcement agencies to adopt efficient and secure electronic workflows.

Recommendations in the study are outlined on page 179 in Appendix B. Althought Adobe is called out in item 3 on this list of recommendations, if one looks at most of the other recommendation, it is apparent that digital case files would play an instrumental role in supporting the recommended procedures.

You can access the study here, Report of the Review of Large and Complex Criminal Case Procedures

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