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In Search of Public Value

There is a government agency that I know of that is really busy right now and hard to reach. I’ve been wanting to meet with them because I think there is something critical that they need to consider in their latest initiative.

So what is it?

Simple, they are looking to redesign a critical web site that is accessed by a large portion of their citizen population. Focused completely on ensuring citizens can easily search for information, they are ignoring the critical use of electronic forms in delivering public value via the web site.

What happens when citizens find the information they require?

Well, they would still need to complete transactions for government services. Gartner estimates about 85% of business processes starts with a form. Downloading a form is often cited as one of the two key reasons citizens visit government web sites. Without a strategy for electronic forms, citizens will still need to drive or take a bus to a government office and wait in lines to access services.

I think helping citizens find information is critical. However, it needs to be done in conjunction with an electronic forms strategy to derive the full public value for going online in the first place.

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