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Making government easier to deal with, a tax cut of a different sort

With the world-wide economic downturn, government is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the issue of helping businesses and citizens with tax cuts.

No one disagrees that the public could benefit from tax cuts in these challenging times. Shrinking tax revenues from decreased property values, sales and incomes on one end, and rising demand on social services and benefits at the other end, make tax cuts difficult to conjure up. Some regions, such as California, are even talking about tax hikes in order to control deficits and debt.

However, there are other ways to help which would achieve the same impact as tax cuts; that of lessening the burden of government on citizens and businesses. Where government cannot lend a hand by extending a dollar, it can by lessening time burden of dealing with government.

Time burden, you say? Yes, time burden.

Think about the last couple of times you interacted with a government agency yourself to access services, to file for a permit or to even pay your taxes.

How much time did you spend to:

  • find where you had to go to interact with government?
  • waiting in line, whether on the phone or in-person?
  • deciphering the language on forms and documents?
  • waiting as your information got routed within the government system through an intricate review and approval dance?

These time costs are significant and government can help businesses and citizens by reducing this time burden. There have been many innovations to reduce these burdens at some agencies.

In my next entry, I’ll share best practices that some government have applied to reduce this time burden on citizens and businesses while decreasing the time burden within the department as well.

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