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Making Telework Work

Many federal agencies see the potential benefits of telework. Saving gas, making federal workers more productive, and providing for continuity of operations in case of emergency or bad weather. But often times, there is a gap between the idea of telework and putting telework into the workplace.

To help bridge that gap, Telework Exchange and Adobe have teamed up to sponsor a series of events aimed at helping federal managers understand how to make teleworking an option in their organizations. Federal News Radio covered the first Telework in a Box event held in Washington, DC on February 29, 2009. Representatives from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Treasury Department discussed how teleworking is in place within their agencies and provided direction on training and infrastructure that make teleworking successful.

Read more about both agencies’ experiences or listen to the event coverage via podcast. A second podcast provides insight into how Andrew Krzmarzick from the USDA Graduate School has used technology to make telework…work.

For more details on the Telework in a Box events series, including the next stop in Atlanta, GA in May, visit the Telework Exchange.

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