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Modernizing Contract Management for Health Providers


Successfully managing busy physician practices requires working closely with a wide range of insurance providers—which gets increasingly complicated as the number of physician providers and patients grows.

University Physicians Network (UPN) is a multispecialty medical group with 1,600 doctors who work at  many of the leading hospitals and clinics in and around New York City, including the prestigious New York University Medical Center. UPN’s doctors serve patients covered by 20 insurers that regularly require contract review and approval. In the past, that meant printing contracts, mailing them to physicians, and submitting signed contracts to insurers. The process could take weeks.

With Adobe EchoSign, UPN automated the process without the need for special software or accounts. With only email and web access, signees can securely view and sign documents in just minutes.

“Adobe EchoSign completely eliminates document preparation for incredible time and cost savings. Instead of printing out 40-page contracts and shipping them to physicians, we can start the application process with a click of a button,” says Matt Penziner, senior director of managed care at UPN.

Physicians simply sign documents in Adobe EchoSign, which are then sent to UPN and insurers for review. Countersigned copies are then automatically forwarded to the proper contacts.

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