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Notes from the field: Adobe Enterprise Developer Day kickoff in Raleigh, NC

Guest contribution from Mark Smalley, Senior Systems Engineer, Adobe

I was recently in Raleigh, North Carolina for an Adobe Enterprise Developer Day event. This was the first in a series of events focused on developers serving State and Local governments. The Raleigh stop was a good one, with local developers gathering to discuss the challenges of building and delivering web applications that leverage existing back-end systems. The event also included discussion of how our technology can help address these challenges.

Developer Days are a great opportunity to hear from some of our resident technical experts, as well as the chance to interact with peers tackling similar projects and challenges.

For a peek at the Raleigh event, take a look at the brief video below that I shot of my colleague Marcel Boucher. I’ve also included a few photos I snapped at the event…I snuck in an image of one of my favorite local sights, as well. For more photos, be sure to check out the AdobeGov Facebook Page.

If you’re located in the area of one of our upcoming Developer Day stops, I’d encourage you to register and spend some time with us. Look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Upcoming Schedule:

April 27 – Albany, NY

May 4 – Trenton, NJ

May 6 – Columbus, OH

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