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Separating Signal from Noise for Healthcare Professionals with LiveCycle and Insight


*This article originally appeared in the Healthcare IT Connect online magazine

Change on the horizon

The current transformation of the healthcare IT industry has been referred by industry experts as “a period of extreme standardization.”  The immediate need for adopting electronic health records to make the Meaningful Use benchmark of the US government is being traversed by pharmacies, clinics, medical practitioners, payers, and healthcare providers.

Fortunately for all involved there is one key ally in the field, blazing the trail ahead of the 2014 PPACA deadline.  Adobe is pioneering solutions, including LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3, that are utilized more and more by healthcare professionals to ramp up and leverage staggering amounts of digital data capture.

Adobe’s Aaron Bird recently shared the company’s experience helping healthcare providers prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, using the enterprise-class suite of Adobe products.

Adobe’s current focus:

  • Creation of digital data
  • Engagement with digital data
  • Management of digital data
  • Measurement of digital data

“If you can’t digitize the information, you can’t analyze the information,” said Bird at the 2012 State Health IT Connect Summit.

Healthcare professionals at every level are likely to agree.  What is currently unclear for many coping with the extreme standardization is how exactly to implement those changes – smoothly and effectively.

Adobe Insight provides real-time consumer event behavior analysis and is just one of a great many tools that seamlessly integrates with LiveCycle’s enterprise suite, providing healthcare providers the tools to manage large populations  with automated business processes and analyze trends to improve outcomes as changes occur and new data is entered.

Paperless and Beyond

The most immediate application for Adobe’s new LiveCycle ES3 comes in the form of creating dynamic, flexible digital forms for data-capture and bi-directional communication between stakeholders.  Healthcare organizations seeking to streamline workflows and meet the federal government’s Meaningful Use benchmarks can clearly benefit from these tools.

One level above, healthcare providers who need to keep a watchful eye on emerging trends in care, potential fraud or abuse, or simply to better coordinate care can also make use of Adobe’s comprehensive analytics solutions.

More data was created in the past two years than in the sum total of all previous human existence. LiveCycle ES3 enables enterprises to share records with patients via health information exchanges and beyond, intuitively identify hidden trends in data, and perhaps most importantly secure Protected Health Information (PHI) in ways that were simply not possible with the previous paradigm of endless paper documents.

Adobe’s Mike Jackson was onsite at the 2012 State Healthcare IT Connect in Washington DC to gain perspective from attendees and customers.  Jackson’s video interviews and summit excerpts are available here.

Adobe will sponsor the 2012 Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit;  November 27-29 in Chicago, IL. Visit to learn more.
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