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Telework with Adobe Connect


I engage with a variety of civilian agencies as they prepare to rollout their telework program.  Everyone is looking for a tool to support their mobile worker and provide them with an interactive, rich environment that includes video, audio and desktop sharing among many other features.  Multiple device and cross operating system support is also a requirement.  You never know who you will need to collaborate with online!

In my most recent telework pilot, I was impressed to see how much the agency was using the Notes pod to support meeting minutes, assign tasks to team members and more.  They were thrilled that someone didn’t have to spend time with this task after the meeting, which happens today after their face-to-face meetings.  They even talked about archiving the notes by exporting them to a rich text format (RTF) file and uploading them to the File Share pod within the Adobe Connect room for later access.

There are so many ways our customers are using Adobe Connect today, and supporting the mobile worker / teleworker is my favorite.

If you missed Telework Week 2013, you can check out the results here –

Emily Timmerman

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