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April 1, 2013 /Uncategorized /

The Omnipresent Cloud

Over the past week, my family has been observing the Passover holiday, during which my daughters (ages 7.5 and 5.5) are learning all about the Hebrews’ journeys through the desert of Sinai. During those 40 years, the Hebrews were provided shelter, nourishment and guidance by “Clouds of Glory” which followed their meandering path unceasingly, and became enshrined in the liturgy, ritual practice and common identity of modern Hebrews.

Of course, those Clouds and “the Cloud” we typically discuss in technology provide identical benefits: security, stability, omnipresence, and mobility. These days, without “the Cloud,” our modern technological society would cease functioning; our documents, data, and identities have been inextricably bound into the nebulous digital ether, in which 99.99999% uptime isn’t good enough, and only infinite redundancy is sufficient. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Cloud is no longer a dream for some Government agencies; it’s happening. This week, Business Insider reported that a large Intelligence agency plans an unprecedented, 10-year relationship with Amazon Web Services as a “private cloud” implementor. This is the first of such news from the Intelligence sector, but it’s surely not to be the last.

As the DoD Cloud Computing Strategy document notes, “Cloud computing will enable the (Government) to consolidate and share commodity IT functions resulting in a more efficient use of resources.”  The CIO’s office lists several steps for fostering the adoption of cloud computing by Defense:

  1. Adopt an Enterprise-First approach that will accomplish a cultural shift to facilitate the adoption and evolution of cloud computing,
  2. Reform DoD IT financial, acquisition, and contracting policy and practices that will improve agility and reduce costs
  3. Implement a cloud computing outreach and awareness campaign to expand the base of consumers and providers, and increase visibility of available cloud services throughout the Federal Government.

In the coming month, Adobe will be hosting a Creative Cloud Council for its most strategic enterprise customers in Government. During this exclusive roundtable discussion, we will bring executives from inside Adobe’s Digital Media Business Unit together with Government IT influencers to provide updates on our product and platform roadmaps, to share and discuss best practices around Cloud acquisition, contracting, security and deployment, to gather Government-specific requirements and solicit feedback from the community around our core and future offerings.

Please leave a comment below if you or your agency would be interested in receiving more details!