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Transforming Citizen Interactions with Lessons from Social Media

A couple of weeks ago, I presented at a seminar on the topic of “Transforming Citizen Interactions with Lessons from Social Media”.

If you weren’t able to make it out, have no fear, you can watch the video above and download a copy of the presentation here.

This particular version of the presentation has some innovative examples from US agencies. I have another version of this presentation with more international examples which I will also share in another post.

P.S. Thanks Heather for holding the video camera for the entire time.

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  • By Loni Kao Stark - 7:54 AM on February 19, 2010  

    Quick update/correction:

    Deb Seyller, Clerk of the Circuit Court in Kane County, sent me email to note that the population of Kane County is estimated to be 525,000. Thanks Deb!