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US Army using Adobe Connect to provide situational awareness


The US Army in Afghanistan is using Adobe Connect to provide a place to meet 24/7/365 for the people and organizations involved in trying to keep the peace. This includes 20 or more base clusters and many NATO partners. The main room typically has 20 or more attendees in it at all times of the day – keeping in touch with what is going on. The main focus is sharing a map of current incidents and deployments. Breakout rooms are used when attendance in the main Connect meeting room begins to grow and various side conversations develop.

(The map gives all attendees on the team excellent situational awareness)

Moving forward, the Army is looking to expand their use of Adobe Connect to larger group meetings and briefings. Also in this next phase, they are planning on using the breakout room functionality for different organizations. The main room might be in English, with the breakout rooms being for the Italians, French, and Germans etc…

No need to travel. There is a chance to save a lives and reduce injuries anytime the soldiers or other personnel don’t have to go out and potentially encounter an IED or hostiles on their way to a meeting.

Needless to say, it is great to be able to help in the effort and to provide useful tools to our soldiers for everyday tasks. It makes for some early morning Adobe Connect meetings for me, but the Chief doesn’t seem to mind staying late (his time), or my arriving with my baseball cap covering my crazy morning hair.

Adobe Connect provides an amazing way for us to communicate, and for me to remotely provide any technical assistance they may need.



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