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Who said web conferencing is not rocket science??

Sorry, but who can resist the cliche when you think of NASA? Bad jokes aside, I would love to call your attention to my latest discovery in my quest to highlight open government at work. A group of scientists from NASA’s Astrobiology Institute (NAI) came together to participate and collaborate in an event called the “Workshop Without Walls”.

The article offers some great insights from the participants and the organizers.

What I found to be most interesting is the comment from George Cody, co-organizer of the event, that he “actually came to be unaware of the conference as being at multiple venues.” Especially when considering ways to encourage and foster participation and collaboration, leveraging an “enabling technology” that fades into the background is ideal!

To often, collaboration technologies themselves become the center of attention, more often than not, in a “less than positive” way. Here are a couple things to consider:

  • Collaboration is for and about people – technology simply enables the experience
  • Becoming a participant should not require a great deal of effort
  • Eliminate burdensome downloads or installs, it should leverage tools they already have
  • It should work the way people work, it should not require training to use
  • It should go to where the people are, device, network, and platform independent

Knocking down these typical technology barriers can and will have a significant impact on the adoption and success of your program or event.

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