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Adobe Romania – All work. No play!

April 13, 2011

Don’t be fooled. We’re proud of the projects that come to life from our discussions and hard work, but we’re here to also have fun. The minute you arrive on the 9th floor of our building and go straight past the Reception desk, you’ll be greeted by our “playroom”.

Why? The photos above and those on the Adobe Romania Facebook page say it all.

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes:
• We love Foosball – very rarely do you find the Foosball table unused. In fact, many of the women in our office have become professional “soccer players.”
• Our pool table also has its regulars. Some lose, others win, eventually perseverance is what matters.
• Ping pong is another attraction in our office, especially after a heavy lunch when we’re trying to compensate guilt with a little exercise.
• Many of us enjoy the Wii, Guitar Hero and our recent addition, the Kinect X-box, on a wide screen. If you stop by our office, there’s a good chance you’ll find us either playing volleyball, belting out like “rock stars” or even challenging each other on “the dance floor”. We’re aware of the risks of possibly being recorded by others making a fool of ourselves and caught off guard by a movie posted on Facebook, but, even so, we can’t help it.
• If you happen to come by on a Thursday, the “playroom” is usually transformed into a “Board Game Stadium.”
• Scooters are also a regular sight in our office. They have become the best mode of transportation across corridors.

We invite you to discover what it’s like to work in our Romania office. Photos posted on Facebook.

Connect with us on our Adobe Romania Facebook page.

Contributed by: Cristina M., Talent Acquisition

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Actually, the best part of the playroom is the coffee machine. The fact that you sometimes have to dodge Wii players to get to the coffee just makes it more fun.