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Adobe employees step-up to the Global Corporate Challenge

April 27, 2011

More than 30 percent of Adobe employees globally are signed up to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) 2011. The GCC is a 16 week workplace wellness program (held May 19 – Sept 6) that encourages employees to form teams of seven to take a virtual walk around the world. Employees will strap on their pedometer and log their steps online at the GCC site.

As a company, we will be competing against employees from companies such as LinkedIn, LSI, Juniper Networks and many others. True to our competitive spirit, there will be some friendly internal contests as well.

Rosemary Arriada-Keiper, director, Global Benefits, shared why Adobe is participating, “We’re committed to creating a culture of health by getting employees active, fostering teamwork and building community. When employees are healthy and having fun we believe our work environment is improved, our employees are engaged and we’re more productive. I’m thrilled the GCC is resonating with our employees and looking forward to getting started on May 19.”

Check out the participation from Adobe’s global sites.

The GCC is just one of the many activities Adobe offers as part of its wellness initiative. Other popular benefits are: health seminars; biometric health screenings; and the global Massage-a-Thon.

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How the overall winner is selected. Is it company wise performance? or, each individual team will be competing with teams from all companies as well?

Hi Kishan: Each individual team will be competing with teams from all companies. GCC will recognize the company that has the most activity overall, as well as individuals. They recognize a few different categories. Do visit for more information.