Standing in the shoes of our customers

June 29, 2011

“This call may be monitored for quality purposes” is a standard statement we all hear whenever we call a technical support or customer service line. Do you ever wonder if anyone listens to those calls? Well, at Adobe, we do. Our Customer Care team takes every interaction seriously and ensures that the entire organization is accountable for living up to Adobe’s brand promise. The team has truly taken “customer immersion” to a whole other level.

Today, I had the opportunity to tour our “Customer Listening Post” (picture command central) and it was an eye opening experience. I can truly say that nothing takes the place of being able to listen to live phone conversations happening around the world and hearing the frustration first hand from some of our customers.

Kudos to our Customer Care team for building this facility. Their passion for championing the voice of the customer within Adobe is remarkable.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our Customer Listening Post:

Learn more about how Adobe is transforming the customer experience from a recent blog post by Lambert Walsh, Adobe’s VP of Customer Success.

Posted by Natalie Kessler, Employment Branding Manager

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Very good introspection. This is the core for the success of any great product. Adobe is the Leader in so many areas. I wish to see Adobe as a household name and not just a corporate product or entity.

Best of Luck Adobe TEAM.

Akram Husain