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Intern Life at Adobe – Part 1: SVP Conversations

August 4, 2011

Interns with Ann Lewnes, Adobe’s SVP of Marketing

The intern life @ Adobe is awesome. It’s true that some of us interns spend a significant amount of time raving about advance movie screening tickets, fully-equipped gyms or eternally-stocked candy jars, but one of the greatest perks of being an intern here is that we get plenty of face-time with many of Adobe’s senior executives. Yesterday afternoon, SVP of Global Marketing Ann Lewnes met with us to share some valuable insight into how our global marketing initiatives help to strengthen our reputation as a premier brand in the technology industry.

Ann illustrated how the successful marketing efforts driving our recent Adobe Edge launch (Adobe Edge is our web-authoring tool that takes advantage of HTML5), the Adobe Photoshop pop-up store in San Francisco and ever-growing Adobe social universe, ensure that Adobe continues to establish and maintain its iconic value.

Adobe’s Photoshop & You store makes an appearance in San Francisco

One of the key takeaways from the session was that Adobe has managed to build an incredible reputation grounded out of creativity; in turn, as Adobe interns and employees, we each do our part in seeking creative solutions to expand and solidify Adobe’s role in shaping the future of digital experiences.

In evangelizing the Adobe brand while also developing our own personal brands within Adobe, Ann suggests that we take big risks, make bold moves and never be deterred from our vision to make a difference. The executives here at Adobe all agree: “you can’t tweak your way to greatness.”

Contributed by Jennifer S., Talent Research Intern, UCLA

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Awesome post! Intern life sounds like a great experience. And I must say, I never paid much attention to Adobe. Till now.

Inspiring. Not only does Adobe make tools for creatives, it makes creatives for their tools.
Awesome post! This is what a company should be, where the individual effort seamlessly integrates & even mimics the overall big picture. GL to the next generation of Adobe Brand human capital.

What a refreshing post. Glad to see that Adobe infuses such inspiration in the mindset of their interns and staff. With such talented and motivated individuals, it’s no surprise that they’ve achieved such great success. And eternally filled candy jars?! Awesome!