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Intern Life – Part 2: G’day from Down Under

August 17, 2011

Meet Tim, our Intern from Australia! We were keen to find out about Tim’s perspective regarding his internship and here’s a recap of our conversation with him…

Tim - Adobe Intern from Australia

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to have been invited to share my story. I’m fresh out of university and have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing, and hold an Advance Diploma in Business Marketing. I’ve worked at Adobe for 6 months now (although feels a lot longer) and have a dual role here. The first hat I wear is to be the support arm for the A/NZ (Australia/New Zealand) Marcom Manager to assist in the execution of local marketing activities. The second part of my role is to coordinate the demand marketing programs and other communications across Asia Pacific.

At a high level, my team is responsible for building brand awareness, driving purchase intent and creating the optimal environment to facilitate sales. My team works on a vast range of activities including Adobe events, marketing communications, public relations, social media and channel support to name a few. Rest assured, there’s never a dull moment.

Q: What were your expectations when you decided to take this internship opportunity and are your expectations being met at Adobe?
Tim: My expectations of the role were actually very different to what I’ve been employed to do! To be honest, I always thought internships were the type of job where you’d go do coffee runs and boring, mindless data entry tasks. Thankfully, I was very wrong! Adobe has thrown quite a lot of responsibility my way and has allowed me to get my hands into a very diverse range of marketing functions. My expectations have FAR been exceeded!

Q: How do you think this internship experience will prepare you for your career?
Tim: The internship has been great. Adobe has given me great exposure to a range of marketing functions and operations. I’ve been given the opportunity to work on a strategic level across APAC, as well as on local marketing execution out of A/NZ. The work I do for APAC has given me fantastic experience with planning, managing and executing demand marketing programs with many international teams. I’ve also been fortunate enough to experience the product launch of CS5.5 which really opened my eyes to the amount of time and planning that goes into these things. I think the biggest benefit from this role is the visibility into all marketing functions which really helps confirm in my mind, that marketing is the place for me!

Q: Why have you chosen to intern at Adobe?
Tim: The Adobe brand has a great reputation. In my mind, Adobe has always been an innovative and an exciting company. I’ve been a user of Adobe products since school and even started a career in graphic design prior to working here, so, I’ve been very familiar with the Adobe brand. Not only do I believe the products offer tremendous value to the market, but for me, I knew Adobe would be a great ‘foot in the door’ and a fantastic foundation to establish my career in marketing.

Q: What perks/benefits have you used and/or going to use during your internship term?
Tim: Adobe looks after its employees, that’s all I need to say. Free Parking, health insurance, fitness rebates and so much more. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a really flexible team and my managers allow me to work from home on occasions, which is a great change of environment. They also support the shifting of my working hours, which allows me to escape the nightmares of Sydney traffic…this is definitely a big plus for me.

Q: What do you like the most about Adobe?
Tim: The breadth of my role. I like coming in and having something different to do each day. There are always challenges which need to be solved, which keeps you on your toes. Adobe is a great place to work. The people are friendly, passionate about their jobs, and have a ‘nothing is too hard’ attitude. My managers and teams around me have been great mentors and are highly supportive.