New State-of-the Art EMEA HQ In Maidenhead, UK

September 28, 2011

Adobe's newest EMEA office located in Maidenhead, UK Over 250 Adobe U.K. employees move under one roof into our impressive new EMEA headquarters.

Not only did Monday, September 12, mark the first day of business in Adobe’s newest EMEA office located in Maidenhead, U.K., it also marked the beginning of new opportunities for collaboration between Adobe’s two former London offices – Stockley Park and Egham.

The facilities and property team responsible for the project, headed by Nigel C., Adobe’s EMEA Facilities manager, worked with senior managers and a steering committee made up of employees representing each business unit, to ensure the project team was well aligned with the needs and requirements for the new space. What they heard was that employees wanted a space where you would be proud to bring clients and somewhere that the best people would want to come and work.

The result? The new Maidenhead office is a collaborative, modern space that allows for flexibility in work style and environment. It’s also a showcase of Adobe’s digital solutions, with a new Customer Experience Center (CEC), which opened its door to clients the first week the office opened. The CEC will be fully completed in mid-October.

“The Maidenhead project has been an amazing team effort. We set out to deliver a new style of workspace to the Adobe UK and EMEA employees and management teams,” said Nigel. “The Global Workplace Solutions team objective was to provide a collaborative and flexible working environment that fostered teamwork, knowledge working and supported our core values.”

The new Maidenhead facility is conveniently located 20 miles outside of London – a half hour train ride into London and to Heathrow International airport.

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