Personalities at Adobe

Proud to be Adobe

October 11, 2011

Earlier this month we announced winners of the “Adobe Experience” employee video contest, which drew in submissions from Australia to Ottawa. One of the goals of the contest was to discover how working at Adobe has impacted our employees personally. We received inspiring stories ranging from career path, technologies, volunteerism and more.

Today, the spotlight is on Wes H., our solutions consultant based in Ottawa. Wes won the grand prize for his amazing video “Proud to be Adobe,” which documented his recent climbing trip to the Alps.

Of his video, Wes says, “Working at Adobe has been an incredibly positive experience for me. My coworkers are fantastic, I love what I do, and because of that I wanted a way to express my gratitude for the opportunity of being a part of it. I didn’t know about the contest when I set out to put the video together.  I only knew that with a trip to climb the Alps coming up, I would have a chance to surprise my team by ‘flying our flag’ from the summit. The announcement of the Adobe Experience contest created the opportunity for that little team video to reach a wider audience — something I never expected, and the result has surpassed my expectations.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Wes!