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Adobe China wins “100 Best HRM Company” & “Best Work-life Balance” Awards

January 5, 2012

The “Best HRM Companies” is the most prestigious event focused on the evaluation of human resource management in China today. 51job (one of the leading HR solutions provider in China) assesses and recognizes the best 100 HRM companies in areas such as HR strategy, salary management, performance evaluation, and employee training. The awards focuses on the ongoing development trends and challenges faced in human resource management in China. Adobe received first place for our efforts in creating a dynamic work environment.


As one of the most prestigious software companies, Adobe treats its employees with the highest respect and provides the most conducive work environment where employees can collaborate and thrive. The local HR team pays a lot of attention to employees’ welfare by introducing new initiatives such as “massage-a-thons” and Employee Assistance Programs which are very well received by employees.


William Wu, Universum Asia VP and award committee member said, “Apart from its genuine and transparent culture, Adobe really cares about its people and provides all employees with cool perks such as education reimbursement and gym membership, which are only available at the executive level in some other companies.”

Universum副总裁William Wu以及颁奖委员会成员均指出:“Adobe不仅具有真诚以及透明的企业文化,而且是实实在在的关心员工,并且为所有员工提供了非常可观的津贴,例如教育补助、健身补贴等等,这些在其他公司都是只有管理层才能享受的待遇”。

I’m proud to be part of an amazing team and am honored to receive these awards for Adobe.


Contributed by (作者): Nico Y