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Uncommon paths to career satisfaction

January 11, 2012

No matter where you are in the world, your profession, or your position, many of us take uncommon paths towards a common goal i.e. career satisfaction. You’ve got to love the work you do, the people you work with and be with an organization where opportunities are available to you.

At Adobe, we realize that the growth and success of the company depends on the growth and success of our employees. That’s why we strive to assist employees with their careers as much as possible. Whether that means enabling employees to further their education, facilitating internal movement or assisting with global moves, Adobe provides the tools to help employees be successful. Today, we feature two team members who have made significant changes in their careers.

Name: Jennifer F.
Currently: Senior Group Program Manager (London)
Career path: Moved from San Francisco to the UK for two years to move with her partner
Appreciates: The flexibility and support in charting her ideal career

In 2006, Jennifer joined Adobe as a senior program manager in San Francisco. For four years, she was part of the engineering organization and loved her job and co-workers. But in 2010, her partner—who works at another Silicon Valley company—was offered a transfer to the UK. Jennifer saw an opportunity: If she could find a position at Adobe in the UK, she could stay steady on her career path and keep her family together. So her managers helped her find a position as a senior project manager in professional services in the UK office. Jennifer was eventually courted back to rejoin her old team in a new role but she’s still working from the UK office, continuing to make progress on the career path she had charted.

“One of the great things about working for Adobe has been being able to be in control of my own career. I charted a course and said this is what I want to do, and everybody helped me sort out how to get there. They’re really supportive and super-collaborative, and we’re making it work together. Now when I have employees who come to me, I’m super-responsive and say, ‘let me see what I can do to help.’”

Name: Brett F.
Currently: Senior Organizational Development Consultant (San Jose)
Career path: Started in Customer Care, moved to Organizational Development in Human Resources
Appreciates: The opportunity to define his role in the company

After working in the Customer Care organization in Singapore, Brett, a native of New Zealand, decided he wanted to move back to the States so his wife, an American, could go back to school and focus on her own career. The initial position that Adobe was interested in hiring him for was in Singapore for Customer Care—the field Brett was hoping to move away from. So from the start, he was honest about his goals with the hiring manager in Customer Care: He wanted to work his way to the Organizational Development & Learning (OD&L) group to help others develop their careers at Adobe.

“I told my manager that I would perform the job well for two to three years in the hopes of moving countries and roles. Then I began planning learning activities and stretch projects to work with the OD&L organization. Knowing my passion in this area, my manager gave me the opportunity to be the organizational lead in developing and implementing a Career Pathing pilot system within his organization. That project helped me develop my own career path into the HR organization, where I am now. I love the team I’m working on and the work I’m doing.”

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