University Feature

Interns Speak: Talent Edition

August 27, 2012

Adobe’s interns have talent, inside the office and out.  Here we will learn about three individuals who have agreed to put their gifts on display:

Anna B., MBA Intern- Post Sales Account Management, Anderson School of Management, UCLA , Gymnast

How old were you when you began training to be a gymnast?

I started doing gymnastics at seven, pretty informally, so I was not as young as a lot of my peers in the sport.  When I was ten, though, I moved away from home and trained full time, first at an academy in Oregon and later in Arizona.

What is your favorite event or discipline?

Definitely the balance beam. It was my favorite event to perform, and it still is my favorite to watch when I get a chance.  I think it combines the artistic element of gymnastics with a great deal of skill needed to stay on the beam and compete.

Does it bring back memories of your days as a gymnast when you watch the Olympics?

This year I haven’t been able to watch much, but my sister has it all recorded so I hope I will get a chance.  A couple of Olympics ago there were actually a number of athletes who I competed with as a girl and that definitely brought back a lot of memories.

Ian W., Software Developer Intern, University of San Francisco, Musician

What is your favorite musical style and why?

I enjoy playing classical and folk music because they are soothing and meditating.  My favorite time to play is during summer with a group of friends in the park or after a long day of work.

What is most challenging about playing guitar?

To play all the notes correctly isn’t difficult, but to play songs the right way you have to feel the music. I often close my eyes, and draw a mental picture of how I would describe a piece.  From there I let my fingers do the work.

Who is your guitar hero—A professional musician you admire and why?

I actually don’t have a favorite guitarist, but I love Elliot Smith and his early work such as “Alameda” and “Say Yes”.  Learning his songs opened up my mind to folk and independent songwriters.

Michael M., Talent Acquisition Intern, Boston College, Collegiate Tennis Player

Why have you been able to reach the collegiate level?

I dedicated my life to tennis for many years.  I played other sports when I was younger, but when I was 13 or 14 I chose tennis.  I made it a long-term goal to play Division I tennis so I used that to motivate myself.

What is most challenging about tennis?

My coach used to tell me, “You need to be your own best friend when you’re on the court.”  Tennis is an individual sport, so you can’t beat yourself up when you’re down because there isn’t anyone who can help you out.  It’s a mental battle every match.

What lessons have you learned from college athletics that will serve you in your career?

Playing on a team has taught me how to connect with and motivate different types of people.   The confidence tennis has given me is also essential to success in a variety of areas.  Success is impossible without belief.