University Feature

Is writing your resume getting you down?

September 6, 2012

The fall recruiting season is just around the corner and it may feel overwhelming. But hopefully, these simple resume tips will help get you noticed. It may be your first introduction to a company so make it count!

Here are some quick tips:
1. Read aloud
Read your resume aloud to make sure your statements make sense. This will also prepare you for your interviews by practicing how to articulate the experiences and skills you’ve shared on your resume.

2. Keep it clean and simple
A one-page resume is plenty. Make sure the formatting is consistent and text is aligned. Call out your previous experience, projects you worked on and accomplishments. And most importantly, don’t forget to list your contact information. (This may seem obvious but believe us, sometimes it’s forgotten.)

3. Don’t just give the what, give the how
Back up your strengths and skills with real life work or project experience rather than just creating a list of your qualities. All too often, students craft resume bullets telling the reader what they did without giving insight on how they did it. Mentioning how you accomplished something lets the reader see skills that would otherwise be missed by just mentioning an accomplishment. For example, instead of just saying, “Launched a marketing campaign that increased revenues by 20%”, include how it was done by continuing on and including the method i.e. “by going door to door, distributing surveys in Spanish and using advanced software to analyze the data.” With these additional details, we now know you are at least bi-lingual, technical and you aren’t scared of data.

You’ll be surprised, these basic tips can go a long way. Get noticed with an impactful resume. Good luck and hope to see you on-campus! Check out our University Recruiting calendar.