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Pioneering Adobe in the Emerging Territories

October 10, 2012

The Adobe logo is a familiar emblem to many around the world. But what about the areas where the logo and products aren’t as recognizable?

Peter S., Senior Director of Emerging Territories, approaches this question every day, and works with his team to drive digital media and digital marketing in countries like Russia, Turkey, Africa, Israel, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “These are fast growing regions,” he says. “And they’re becoming more and more aware that Adobe has much more to offer.”

Peter, who worked in the Emerging Territories before joining Adobe three years ago, says Adobe’s reputation for excellence and treatment of its employees drew him in. “I liked the vision of our executives,” he says. “The emerging markets and territories business runs at the pace of a start-up company, but with the pedigree and products of a global leader.”

Peter, who hails from Germany, has long had global exposure after working several years in different sales management positions in Central Europe. He worked and lived in Bangalore, India, speaks English and works to improve his Russian. “You get a feel of how things are done and you have to adjust yourself to a completely different culture,” he says of living in India.

Peter runs, mountain bikes and enjoys spending time with his family, but also finds joy in the constant challenges of his work. “Each day is a challenge, and change is everywhere,” he says. “I like to deliver my input, and it’s very interesting to see the company transforming to different market models.”

As business models change in response to market opportunities, Peter says an important part of his job is learning to adjust. “The most successful way to deal with change is to develop a flexible approach to work,” he says. “You have to be open to learn and adjust each day, because the way we did our business yesterday may not be how we do our business tomorrow.”

Success in the emerging markets depends on ambition, focus on execution, enthusiasm and dedication, he says. “We look for energetic individuals who have the necessary experience in their roles,” he says. “People who want to have influence and want to be visible in the company.”

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