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Preparing the Hearing-Impaired for Careers in IT

December 13, 2012

Finding a job these days is no small task.  But hearing impaired job-hunters have an even greater challenge, and that’s where Adobe Noida employees stepped in.

The Noida Deaf Society (NDS), one of Adobe’s grantees, has been working towards enabling mainstream career opportunities for hearing impaired youth in the region.  Their efforts have helped change industry perspective on employing hearing impaired youth. However, there is still a gap between the relatively few opportunities available  and the number of employable youth.  Given the huge educational gap, teaching skills to hearing impaired youths and bringing them on par with the needs of the industry is a time-intensive process.

This is where a highly-motivated team at Adobe India decided to jump in.  The Adobe in Action Committee led by Amit A. and Anuj C., members of the Adobe IT team decided to make a difference by bringing their own skillsets and imparting those skills to the under-privileged youth at the NDS.

This team worked closely with the students at NDS to ensure they were well-exposed to the various IT environments in modern-day organizations and to familiarize them with upcoming trends and technology, helping them improve their employability.  Recently, the first batch of students enrolled in the Networking and Hardware course at the NDS, completed two days of exposure on industry-wide best practices in basic IT skills and hardware training, which was conducted by this group of self-motivated Adobe volunteers.

The volunteers, not just the students, went back with some priceless experiences.

“Though our objectives were clear, we were a little apprehensive about being able to convey the content like we would for any other training, but the interpreter made it simple,” Anuj said.  “I am amazed by how quickly they were able to grasp what was shared with them.  They’re really a bunch of bright and motivated youth that I believe will do very well in the industry.  But this is just the beginning.  We have only covered some of the basics in technology and will need to focus on a more structured series of trainings that will enable them to become better employees.”

In the words of Devender, their trainer, “The students found the exposure interesting and were happy they got this opportunity to learn.  They learned a lot of new things such as how the server works, how it keeps a backup of all systems, and what the students found most interesting was troubleshooting on the laptop.  I would like to thank Adobe for this exposure”.

Harish, a student of the Networking and Hardware course said, “I enjoyed the training.  It opened up our minds.  Learning about troubleshooting on a laptop and the session on mobile was especially useful.”

“We are proud to be associated with the NDS, and thank Adobe for the opportunity to be able to be of service to the community we operate in,” Amit said.  “The enthusiasm and intellect of these youth are invigorating, and is a testament to the NDS’s efforts to bring the hearing impaired into the mainstream community.  We are currently working on a deeper level of engagement to strengthen the initiative for the future.”

A first for Adobe India, this initiative is a step towards many new engagements we look forward to fostering with the NDS.