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New Employee Spotlight

January 8, 2013

Daniel T, Web Strategy Specialist, Adobe JAPAC
Daniel T, Web Strategy Specialist, Adobe JAPAC

We recently caught up with Daniel T., the newest addition to the Japan & Asia Pacific (JAPAC) Marketing team, to uncover some interesting things about his personal life and his first impressions of Adobe.

Hailing originally from Switzerland (recently voted one of the happiest countries in the world), Daniel traversed the continent to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and a Masters of Arts in Communications (Advertising) at Melbourne’s RMIT University. Daniel joins us in Sydney as our JAPAC Web Strategy Specialist.

Life@Adobe: Tell us about your life prior to Adobe?

DT: I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, and moved to Australia in 2006 to attend university in Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Before moving here, I had the opportunity to work on a couple of marketing and sales assignments at Procter & Gamble in Switzerland and after graduation, I returned to work there for a full year. I came back to Melbourne in 2010 to complete a Master’s degree in advertising and marketing. During that time, I also pursued some assisting and retouching work in the local photographic industry. I eventually moved to Sydney in 2012 and was hired by Adobe shortly after.

L@A: Switzerland continuously ranks in the top 5 as “Happiest Countries in the World,” are you able to share the recipe for happiness with us?

DT: Chocolate and cheese. It’s what we’re famed for.

L@A: What initially got you interested in Adobe?

DT: With my background in both photography and marketing, Adobe seemed like the ideal place to work. I used Adobe software extensively before joining the company and it is always more fun to market products that you truly love.

L@A: What do you do now?

DT: I am the Demand Marketing & Web Strategy Specialist for Asia-Pacific. I manage the planning and execution of demand generation campaigns across the region for the Adobe Creative Cloud, Creative Suite and Acrobat. I also work on web strategy, ensuring that JAPAC priorities are incorporated into the global strategy and executed in region.

L@A: What was your first week on the job like?

DT: Intimidating and exciting-a whole new industry and my first full-time job in Sydney. It seemed daunting at first but I felt supported because people at work were always willing to help and are very friendly. I also enjoy how diverse our Sydney team is.

L@A: You studied photography and are a bit of whiz on Photoshop, can you tell us a little more about your extracurricular activities?

DT: While studying commercial photography in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to assist on shoots for major Australian clients. I also worked as a freelance post-production artist for several photographers. I was lucky enough to win a few awards for my own work and to have it published internationally in books and magazines (including a few covers). I work mostly in the studio environment and enjoy surreal and fantasy imagery that involves a lot of compositing and post-production. That’s why I’m a heavy user of Adobe Photoshop.

L@A: Are you able to share some of your work?

DT: Absolutely, here are some of my favorite images.