University Feature

Interview Tips

January 30, 2013

TipsWonder what we look for in prospective candidates? Here’s the scoop:

Passion: Having passion goes a long way. That’s where research comes in handy. Research helps you uncover interesting topics that will not only be great for discussions but will get you more excited about the upcoming interview. When you’re prepared, you come across having genuine interest in the company and the industry.

Specifics: We want to hear the details of what you’ve accomplished. Give us a specific example of a project you’ve worked on along with the results and how you added value.

Succinct: Be crisp with your responses. That’s why interview prep is so important.

Inquire: The last question in most interviews is, “Do you have any questions?” Interviewers appreciate questions. By asking questions, it shows you’re engaged and also helps you learn as much as possible to make the right decisions for your career.

Have fun: Be prepared but be yourself. Treat this as an opportunity to have conversation(s) with your future team! As many have said, the best interviews are conversations. 

Happy interviewing!