Love is in the air!

February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and express it in the most meaningful way possible. From all across the globe, our employees sent in “love letters” in the form of photos, illustrations and messages that express their appreciation for Adobe, and we’d like to share them with you.

Bing H., Online/Social Customer Success Lead based in San Jose, CA: “Why I love the #adobelife.”

Kim-Anh with her motherKim-Anh N., Senior Program Manager based in Boston, MA: “I love Adobe because every day you have the flexibility and work/life balance to care about the ones you love the most. Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with late stage cancer with only months left to live. In the midst of medical appointments and getting my parents’ affairs in order, I started to wonder how I was going to balance work and my own family on top of all of this.I had the full support of my organization’s management team when I decided to take a leave of absence to be a full-time palliative caregiver for my mother. She wanted so much to be at home and not at a hospital, where she could spend time with her family and her grandchildren. I didn’t have to worry about managing my projects or my stakeholders – my peers ensured everything was taken care of in my absence. Three weeks later, she was gone, but not before we had spent every possible minute laughing, sharing memories, and making new ones.”

GaryGary R., Software Engineer-Web Services from Lehi, UT: “Perhaps like no other time in my career have I felt such a profound sense of belonging to an organization as I do with the corporate family of Adobe. With a globally recognized brand and incredible customer reputation, I’m frequently afforded wonderful conversations on the subject with nearly anyone whom I come in contact with. From day one, I’ve been treated as though my ideas and recommendations are valued. Adobe is a place where I feel charged up when arriving to work on an otherwise dull Monday morning. It’s a place where I feel empowered to make a difference. It’s a place where, with time and my best work, I know I can leave a legacy.”


Adobe Romania management team rolled up their sleeves to make pancakes for employeesDina B., Senior Talent Partner from Bucharest, Romania: “The day I fell in love with Adobe was on September 6, 2010. I had been a temp for 2 months, working hard and not getting to experiment all Adobe fun & perks. It was on that day, when all the Adobe Romania management team rolled up their sleeves and made pancakes for all employees that I realized I love this company . It was crystal clear to me that I want this kind of management, this kind of open and informal culture and this high level of sugar tolerance.”



Adobe project in IndiaJeremy M., Sourcing Specialist based in San Jose, CA: “Life has taken many twists and turns over the years. Before I joined Adobe Global Procurement I worked as an architect designing homes, including free design remodels for disabled veterans. The best part of that job was seeing ideas transform into designs and then transformed into a final product. At that time, Adobe products were critical for designing, both to document and to drive what is possible as a designer. Fast forward a few years and now I work for Adobe, and I get to help find and assemble teams that are creating our workspaces. The magic of transforming ideas to reality is even more present and fantastic, even though my role has changed. Every day I learn more about how people work and what makes them happy.”




Vladimir S., Senior Consultant based in San Francisco, CA: “My work in the Jose Ortega Elementary School Three Sisters Garden gave me a great opportunity to work with the kids and teach them about plants. A great motivation has been the ‘Dollars for Doers’ program which helps to raise the funds for schools and let employees do what they love and enjoy.”




Illustration by Daniel P., Software Quality Engineer about what he loves about #adobelifeNicole M., Senior Program Manager based in San Jose, CA: “I love the Adobe culture. The people who work here truly live up to the company’s values. People are genuine, creative and involved inside and outside of Adobe. Something that I’m proud about is that my team launched a Valentine’s day fundraiser to raise money for the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. We are on track to surpass our fundraising goal of $6,000 and are very appreciative of the support from our fellow Adobe employees.”



Thank you to all our employees who sent in their love letters. We’re glad that you’ve found a place you love!