Imagination sparks innovation

February 27, 2013

KickStart red boxAt Adobe, we truly believe that anyone in the company, irrespective of title or function, can innovate. Yes, you don’t have to be technical or have specific skills other than above average imagination, creativity and passion. Everyone has ideas that they are passionate about but many are just unsure how to go about developing those ideas into something tangible.

To help finesse ideas and bring them to life, we have a program called the Kickbox Innovation Workshop that offers a uniquely powerful experience that can change individuals and careers. Employees are given a red box. Inside is everything they need to become an Adobe Innovator, including some seed money on a pre-paid credit card with a step-by-step process to originate an innovative new concept and then use that money to validate that concept with customers. No proposal. No committees. No approval. Just do it.

What’s more, some of Adobe’s top innovators personally coach participants on their journey through the six levels of this lean enterprise innovation process. This is not an exercise. It is not practice. Participants do it for real including validating with actual customers, generating real-world data proving their concepts and presenting results to Adobe senior executives for further funding.

Sound interesting? Here’s what some participants had to say about their experience.