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Journey from India to Australia

March 19, 2013

Bonding with new colleagues  (Ashish is first to the right)
Bonding with new colleagues (Ashish is first to the right)

We recently caught up with Ashish K. who transferred from Adobe India to Adobe Australia. He shares the experiences of his first journey outside of India and how he’s settling in.

What do you do at Adobe?

I’m part of the IT Client Services (ITCS) team supporting the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region. Our team is responsible for supporting internal IT infrastructure for different Adobe offices across the globe. As you can probably guess, I’m constantly pulled in to resolve issues real time. I love the fact my role gives me the opportunity to interact with almost anyone in the company, no matter what level or department.

How did you get the opportunity to move internationally with Adobe?

My manager initially nominated me for this position and that’s how I began discussions with our Talent Selection team in Sydney. I went through a few rounds of interviews and I was selected out of the four candidates who were interviewing for this position.

How did Adobe support you in your move to Australia?

My manager’s insights really helped me in finalizing my decision to move to this new role and to a new region all together. The Adobe Global Mobility team supported me in every aspect of the move, from my visa application to finding a new home. This was particularly comforting to me since I had never traveled outside of India before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Adobe made the move so easy. The Global Mobility team thought of practically everything. I was most surprised when they asked if I would like to move with my pets (if only I had one)! They addressed all my questions and concerns which made the experience of relocating less daunting. Even now with my manager and team based in Noida, I still have regular contact with them and they are very supportive.

Were you targeting a move to Australia in particular? Or were you generally looking for a position outside India?

I always wanted to move outside of India and gain an exposure to different work cultures. Even though Sydney was not on my radar, the experience has turned out to be a very positive one. Australia is a melting pot of different cultures and our office is no different. Perhaps one thing I have noticed is that the Adobe Australia employees work very hard during the week so that they have more time to enjoy the outdoors and active lifestyle outside of their work hours.

What do you feel is your greatest contribution to the business?

One of the biggest projects that I feel most proud about was the relocation of 150 staff to our new headquarters in the center of Sydney. A specialised IT project team was flown in from all different locations around the world. We worked tirelessly to set up the IT infrastructure for the new office but seeing the new office come to life and knowing that I was part of making this happen brings a big smile to my face.

What have you found the most challenging aspects of moving to Australia?

Moving to a new country and starting a new job definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Within a month, I had meet everyone from our Australia office and also made some friends. It was these friendships and openness of the Adobe employees that made me feel so welcomed. Now I feel like I’m part of the furniture! 🙂

What are the main differences between the Adobe India and Adobe Australia culture?

Personally, I have found that the Adobe culture is very similar across both locations. People are genuine, collaborative and open. That’s because we all have the same set of core values irrespective of the geographical regions. This opportunity to relocate has been a life changing experience for me. It’s challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible, but most importantly it has given me an unforgettable experience that I will be forever thankful for.

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