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CoderDojo in Adobe Romania

April 9, 2013

CoderDojo Marquee
CoderDojo is a global initiative geared towards offering free programming learning opportunities to young people. Since its formation in 2011, CoderDojo now consists of an expanding network of programming clubs for kids in 22 countries with more than 100,000 participants. Adobe recently launched the second CoderDojo club to be established in Romania, providing participants with a venue for monthly club meets.

Adobe’s Engineering Director, Bogden R., shares his thoughts about the implementation of this great initiative and its successes so far.

Life@Adobe: Where did the idea for an Adobe Romania CoderDojo club originate from?
Bogdan: In 2012, I attended a presentation by Bill Liao, the founder of CoderDojo. Having listened to his story and the concept behind these clubs, I thought that it was something that I would like to get involved with.

Having learnt to programme at a young age in a similar kind of club for kids, this initiative was something that I could really relate to. I felt that it would be a fantastic opportunity to help form the next generation of programmers and coders.

L@A: How did Adobe Romania select participants for its CoderDojo club?
Bogdan: Using Facebook, we launched a club page “Coder Dojo Drumul Taberei” to attract participants. We received a lot of interest and held our first meeting in January 2013. Most of those who came for our first few meetings are now regular members at the club.

L@A: How does the club work?
Bogdan: We have 30 participants ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. Each month, these individuals, along with their parents, attend a club meeting which is hosted by a number of the software developers here within Adobe Romania. Equipped with their laptops and a desire to learn, we use tutorials from the Khan Academy platform to teach these children a variety of skills, including JavaScript, animations and even how to program a basic computer game.

Our hope is that current club members will become mentors for future participants in years to come.

L@A: What has been the feedback so far?
Bogdan: Through our Facebook page, club members and their parents frequently share their thoughts on this initiative. The feedback has been really positive. The children show so much enthusiasm and motivation for all of the subjects that we have covered with them. Their passion for learning is inspiring.

Based on this positive feedback, some of my colleagues here at Adobe Romania are considering starting a similar initiative for a Design Lab where the focus will be around teaching children basic skills within computer graphics. Stay tuned for more updates on this front.