Asia Feature

Adobe Life Attracts Talent in China

April 10, 2013

Edwin S

At Adobe, we truly believe that our employees are our best evangelists. Edwin S, quality engineer from our China Research & Development team, is a good example. Over the past year, he has referred a number of talented candidates to Adobe just by doing what he loves, which is sharing his career experiences to his network of friends and acquaintances. Intrigued about he’s ability to draw so much interest from his network, we spoke to Edwin to uncover his secrets.

Life@Adobe: What are you currently doing at Adobe?
Edwin: I joined Adobe in July 2011 after my graduation. I work as a quality engineering developer on the Adobe Social Quality Engineering team. A major focus for us is to release high-quality products and conduct automation for the team.

L@A: You have referred many candidates to Adobe, how do you do that?
Edwin: It’s simple. Adobe is a great brand and the company does a lot for employees. I feel proud to share my career experiences and job opportunities with my network. There’s really no secret. I just share stories of my life at Adobe regularly–from the many benefits I enjoy, to the various employee activities we have at Adobe, and the amazing work we get to do here. After that, it’s a matter of listening to your network, understanding their aspirations, and sharing advice.

Being able to share my personal experiences at Adobe helps those who are interested in pursuing a career here get a better understanding of the culture, work environment and what to expect. That way, they can decide for themselves if Adobe is the place for them.

L@A: Where do you connect with your network?
Edwin: As a quality engineering developer on the Adobe Social team, I spend my time on a variety of social platforms to keep abreast with the latest trends and technology enhancements. My network participates on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Ren Ren.

L@A: How would you describe Adobe as place to work to your friends?
Edwin: I have worked at Adobe as an intern and now, a full time employee. Adobe is a great place to begin and grow a career. You get to work on challenging projects. You work on high-performing teams, but people here are friendly and always willing to help. You have access to cutting-edge software and get to work with talented people every day. This makes learning fun. Mentorship also plays a significant part in the Adobe environment. Junior staff constantly receive coaching from superiors so they can grow and develop their careers faster.

I do have to say though, that I’ve always told my friends that Adobe is a great place to work but a difficult place to get a job. Reason being is because we’re selective about the people we hire. We only hire the best and those who exemplify our values.