Asia Feature

Sakura “Cherry Blossom” Project Brings Art Supplies to Schools

April 15, 2013

Hanami season (花見, “flower viewing”) has begun in Japan with sakura (cherry blossom) springing up everywhere. This represents both a time of renewal and hope for Japanese people. Many make day-long pilgrimages with their family and friends to celebrate spring’s arrival.

At Adobe Japan, we embrace this culture in a unique way. This year, Adobe Japan’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Action Committee chose to create a Hanami event. Titled “The Sakura Project,” replica cherry blossom trees were placed around the office and employees purchased pink ribbons, at 500 Japanese Yen (JPY) a piece, to tie on the trees. The event lasted two weeks and raised nearly 1,100,000 JPY, which went towards purchasing art supplies for preschools in Ishinomaki. Many of the schools in this area were impacted by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northern Japan.

The “Sakura Party” concluded with food, drinks, and a live performance of traditional Japanese music. Although Hanami only lasts a couple weeks, the community spirit at Adobe Japan continues throughout the year.

“Adobe Japan embraces CSR,” said Risa O., head of the CSR Action Committee. “We will never forget what happened two years ago and we constantly try to find new ways to give back to our community. This year’s event was especially incredible as we had participation from so many employees who wanted to get involved and make a difference.”

One of our business unit leaders strove to get his entire team to embrace Adobe’s spirit of giving. Hisamichi K., Vice President of Japan & Asia Pacific Marketing, encouraged his entire marketing organization to participate. “I’ve seen how Adobe’s generosity positively impacts lives. I view it as a privilege to give children creative tools so they can express their own hope for a better tomorrow. I was honored to do my part.”