Honoring Earth

May 1, 2013

Being green is something we strive to do on a daily basis at Adobe. In honor of Earth Day in April, we dedicated the entire month of April as “Be Green” month in key locations throughout the globe. From paper waste reduction campaigns to cleaning rivers and planting trees, Adobe employees were busy giving back to mother earth.

Adobe’s director of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Michelle Yates, captured some key Adobe events in her recent blog post commemorating Earth Day. Here’s a brief summary of what we were up to in April:

  • Restoring Puttenhalli Lake in Bangalore, India – Employees painted dust bins that surrounded the lake and planted shrubs and flowers at the entrance.
  • Baking to rescue rainforests in Maidenhead, United Kingdom – The Adobe U.K. team organized a bake-off to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Sky Rainforest Rescue Project.
  • Caring for New York, U.S.A – Employees volunteered for “NY Cares Day” at the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve in Brooklyn, an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.
  • Cleaning Guadalupe River in San Jose, U.S.A. – San Jose employees removed trash from the Guadalupe river, which supports local fish and birds.
  • Reducing pollution in Seattle, U.S.A – Adobe Seattle’s on-site bicycling community hosted a bicycling expo event and encouraged employees to sign up for a “Bike to Work Challenge” during the month of May. On Earth Day, employees rolled up their sleeves to clean the streets around the office.
  • Replanting for the future in Beijing, China – Every Spring, employees and their families gather to plant trees in Beijing.

At Adobe, we’re all committed to contributing towards a healthier environment and have activities year round to support our local communities. For more information about Adobe’s CSR initiatives, visit our CSR page.

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What incredible efforts by the Adobe team! This is totally wonderful. My hat’s off to you. Thank you for doing what you can for our environment!