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Peeking behind the curtains of an Experience Designer at Adobe

May 14, 2013

Prabhat's artwork
Adobe India’s Experience Design team has some creative employees who can turn simple images into masterpieces. We spoke to one such employee, who has the knack of converting everyday situations into artwork.

Prabhat M. joined Adobe in April 2012. A post-graduate in industrial design from the Industrial Design Center at IIT Bombay, Prabhat has been involved in the design of over 40 products for a variety of markets. He has designed a humble chili holder for Indian dining tables to a technically complex electric scooter for Indian youths.

His fundamental philosophy is that if he could turn work into play, then he would be playing all his life. A degree in product design helped Prabhat turn a hobby into a profession, and one that he enjoys beyond words. Along with this focus came the realization that he could use the insights of his observations to create anything – from products to interfaces and interactive installations.

Currently, Prabhat is a senior experience designer here at Adobe. When we spoke to him about his year-long experience with the company, he said that it felt wonderful to be peeking behind the curtains of the software he grew up with. “Having been a user of Adobe software, I hope that my previous experiences in the areas of products and graphics will allow me to empathize with our users and better connect to their problems.”

When he’s not sitting behind the monitor playing with pixels, Prabhat likes traveling and observing people. He loves sketching and photographing people as they go about their daily routine. He regularly goes for photo walks around Delhi and also runs a Facebook group called the Delhi Pencil Jammers that meets up at various locations in and around the city.