EMEA Feature

From university to the corporate world

May 22, 2013

MARKJFinalMark. J, Sales Account Manager for Adobe, tells us about his journey in to the corporate world having graduated from the University of Leeds.

Life@Adobe: Tell us about your journey in to the corporate world:

Mark: After graduating from University of Leeds in 2010, I attended a specialist sales workshop which led to me join a small company called Efficient Frontier as their first Inside Sales Executive in Europe. Within this role, my focus was on generating qualified leads for the external sales team. The success of this position led to further Inside Sales Representatives being hired across Europe and we now have a team of seven working across the region. After 18 months in my role, Efficient Frontier was acquired by Adobe and we began the transition from a small company to a large corporation. As a result of this acquisition, my role has also evolved; I am now a Sales Account Manager responsible for end-to-end sales.

L@A: Tell us about your role:

Mark: What I really like about my role within Adobe, and something that I didn’t expect coming in as a graduate, is the exposure that I have in speaking with some of the biggest and most influential businesses in the world. Adobe’s client base across its different products and solutions is massive, which means the conversations that I have every day differ greatly depending on my client and their needs.

L@A: What is it that you really like about working at Adobe?

Mark: One of the misconceptions that we had when going through the acquisition was that we would lose the feel of working for a small business. Having transitioned across, it quickly became apparent that this not a true reflection of the life at Adobe.

I work in the London office which has approximately 100 people, the majority of whom have joined the organisation as graduates. At Efficient Frontier, we always had a very social working environment with lots of customer events, which is very reflective of our fast-paced industry. One of the main things that I have personally noticed is that these customer events are on a much bigger and better scale with the backing of Adobe. My area of the organisation still has the feel of a startup but with the backing, investment and support that you would expect from a big corporation.

L@A: What would you say to other graduates looking to start their career?

Mark: After leaving university, I was under the impression that working for a big corporate company as a graduate would mean that the impact I made to the overall business would be minimal; this is truly not the case at Adobe. Within my role, every conversation I have each day influences big decisions within enterprise-size organisations. So the decisions that I help influence really affect the overall business strategy for my customers, which is exciting at such an early stage in my career!

Within Adobe, there is fantastic scope and support to move around internally. I would advise all graduates who are looking to start their careers to base their decisions on the opportunities of the role and scope for progression, not the size of the company.