Nice to meet you, Neolane team

June 27, 2013

Neolane marqueeWe are excited about the announcement earlier today regarding Adobe’s plan to acquire Neolane!

To all Neolane employees who are touring around our Adobe Life blog, we hope that you can see why we think Adobe is a great place to work. Whether it’s a video about how our employees can DO and BE their best, or a story about how our employees give back to the community, this is what Adobe is all about. Looking forward to seeing what we can do once we combine forces.

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Thanks for this post! Looking forward to working with all of you and joining the Adobe team!

–Ben Tepfer, @bentepfer

We’re excited about the future and looking forward to having all of you on the team. (@natkessler)

Nice to virtually meet you, Veronica! Welcome to the team. – Natalie

Just discovering this blog. On behalf of all the R&D team at Neolane, looking forward to be part of this bigger family.
Eager to learn more about Adobe, and ready to share

Thomas and team: We’re looking forward to having you join the Adobe family. – Natalie

Looking forward to the new adventure. It is good to be part of the team.

John Hess