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Adobe’s Got Talent

July 23, 2013

Guang designing using Adobe products
Guang designing a dress using Adobe products

Adobe employees possess all sorts of talent beyond what they do at work. One such employee is Guang H., a Japanese quality engineer, who is passionate about sewing and uses Adobe software to design her artistic creations. We recently interviewed Guang about her hobby and her role at Adobe. Here’s her story.

Adobe Life (AL): When did you join Adobe?
Guang: I first joined Adobe as an intern in 2011 and was offered a full time position in 2012.

AL: We were told that you have a somewhat unusual educational background compared to the other members on the Engineering team. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Guang: Unlike most engineers who have a technical background, I majored in Japanese literature at university. I now work as a quality engineer on the Japanese Product Quality Engineering team. My focus is on improving the user experience and usability of our software.

AL: What made you decide to stay at Adobe after your internship?
Guang: I really enjoyed my internship experience at Adobe. People were so friendly and I got to learn a lot. I’ve enjoyed drawing ever since I was young and Adobe seemed like the perfect place to work. I’d have access to the most advanced technology to improve my drawings, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the creative process. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

AL: We heard you have a special talent in sewing, can you tell us more?

Guang in the dress she made
Guang in a dress she made

Guang: As a young girl, I loved to dress up my Barbie dolls but realized it was quite expensive to do so. So from a young age, I decided I wanted to make my own dresses as I could be creative, have fun and spend less money at the same time. Over time, this hobby developed and I now make pillow covers and other gifts for my friends and family.

AL: Do you use any software to help you with the designs?
Guang: When I first started, I used to draw on paper, but now I use Photoshop and Illustrator to design. These programs are more handy and allows me to make special effects.

AL: Do you have any plans for the future? Do you want to further develop this as a profession?
Guang: I don’t have any plans to make sewing or design a profession, but I will definitely keep them as my hobbies. I’m now preparing to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). It’s not easy, but I know it will contribute to my professional career.

One of Guang's many specially designed pillow covers
One of Guang’s many specially designed pillow covers
A hand-crafted book cover
A hand-crafted book cover