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Intern returns for Adobe’s MBA leadership rotation program

September 11, 2013

Catherine J

Meet Catherine J., an “East Coaster” who turned San Franciscan. She jokes that her favorite part about living in San Francisco is listening to the fog horns. Catherine received an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and most recently a JD-MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She is currently preparing to take the California bar exam. As she settles into her new pad in the city, Catherine is excited to start a full-time position at Adobe. She will be working with the Digital Media Strategy group to help discover consumer insights on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Catherine is no stranger to Adobe as she spent a successful summer internship here last year. Adobe was a natural and easy choice. She elaborates, “Adobe is the best in the business, so it wasn’t a hard choice!” As she gets ready to start, she is most excited to be in the first group of interns selected to participate in this MBA Leadership Rotational Program. She says, “It will be great to meet all the other MBA graduates and learn through their experiences about different parts of the company.” She also feels it is important to experience the different parts of the company early on from a professional development perspective. She remembers it being beneficial last summer when all the interns would get together for happy hour to discuss and learn about the different units and their impact on the company.

As she reflected on her successful summer as an intern, Catherine stressed the importance of gaining broad exposure within the company and to ask as many questions as possible. She feels this helped her when she interviewed for her full-time position because she understood the issues that managers were currently dealing with. In addition, she recommends that interns identify their strengths and determine where they fit within the company. She also highly encourages that interns take advantage of company and intern events that are organized. She not only made lifelong friends at these events but learned about all the exciting things Adobe does such as Adobe’s work with Pixar, various Adobe apps for the iPad and inspiring new developments in Adobe’s Research Labs.

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