EMEA Feature

Women in engineering

October 22, 2013

CarmenCarmen G. is one of the many women engineers we’re fortunate to have at Adobe. Based in Romania, Carmen is an engineering manager for Adobe’s Digital Marketing business unit, and she’s also a mom to an 18-month old boy. Adobe Life interviewed Carmen about her role and how she juggles her time as a manager, engineer and mom.

Adobe Life: Can you tell us a little about your background?
Carmen: I graduated with a computer science degree and I’ve held various roles from software developer to university research assistant. One of my first jobs was at a company that specialized in the modernization of legacy databases and applications. I was fortunate to have discovered fairly early on in my career that I was really passionate about software quality assurance.

Adobe Life: When did you become a manager at Adobe?
Carmen: I was initially pursued for a lead role back in 2007 but declined the opportunity for an individual contributor quality engineering role. Two years later, I enrolled in an internal 2-year program aimed at identifying and developing future people managers at Adobe. But, my role as a quality engineer at that time didn’t allow me to exercise much of the leadership skills that I learned. This motivated me to apply for another position in a different engineering group. There, I got the chance to lead a remote team, and work with contractors and software developers in the testing process. Life was good, but I wanted to do more. I proactively took on additional stretch projects and as a result, I was promoted quality assurance lead. With the positive feedback from the team, I was later promoted to engineering manager.

Adobe Life: What’s it like being a mom to a young boy and having to juggle the pressures of work?
Carmen: I love my job and love being a mom at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever compromise one for the other. I continue to take on more responsibilities where it makes sense, and in fact, I took on a new team right after I returned from maternity leave. On the personal front, I try to manage my work schedule as efficiently as possible so I get the opportunity to spend quality time with my son.

Adobe Life: What are your thoughts about women in the software development field?
Carmen: I think it’s a wonderful field to consider because women do bring a different perspective to any situation. I’ve never felt at a disadvantage being a woman in this field. I hope to be a role model for other women and I try to devote time towards mentoring others at Adobe through our Women in Technology group.

In May 2013, Carmen was named leader for the Adobe & Women initiative within Adobe Europe’s engineering groups.