University Feature

From pre-med to computer science to Adobe!

October 23, 2013


Hua Yang, like many other students, was unsure of what he wanted to pursue as a career as he went off to university. His parents recommended a pre-med track, which he tried, but it wasn’t until he explored some Computer Science classes that he truly felt his calling. Adobe Life recently spoke with Hua and he said with conviction that he’s a “software person.”

Hua likes technology and that was what attracted him to Adobe for an internship. He spent this past summer as a developer intern with Adobe’s Digital Publishing team and found the developer role extremely interesting. The highlight of Hua’s summer was learning from some of the best digital publishing technologists in the industry and the opportunity to meet with Adobe’s clients. “As an intern, I don’t think you often get the privilege of meeting clients,” Hua mentioned. “I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to interact and discuss projects with clients such as Fast Company and the Martha Stewart company.”

At the completion of his internship at Adobe, Hua was given some great advice from his manager. “My manager’s advice was to enjoy time as a student, and travel while you can because when full time work begins, the many responsibilities you have to assume won’t give you the luxury of time,” Hua said. From a travel perspective, Hua hopes to visit Europe, then perhaps Japan and China.

You can read more about Hua’s journey through a featured blog post by his university: