Asia Feature

Wellness Incentive Helps Employees Stay Fit

October 29, 2013


Adobe employees don’t just hit the gym to stay fit. We climb onto road bikes. Lace up our boxing gloves. Pick up the discus. Each year, Adobe provides a wellness incentive to support nearly any activity employees do to stay healthy. Nico Y., a talent partner in Beijing, China, uses Adobe’s wellness incentive to hit the slopes.

As a teenager, Nico was into extreme sports — skateboarding, bicycle motocross — whatever got the adrenaline going. So when snowboarding started to gain traction in China, it seemed like the perfect fit.

“I thought it would be like skateboarding,” Nico says. “But it was a totally different concept.” After his first try, he left frustrated and waited a year before he strapped on the boots again.

This time he hired a coach, and before long, he was doing jumps and tricks. “In every sport, you have fear in the beginning,” he says. “You want to stop, but you get used to the fear and it becomes a challenge to yourself.”

Now, Nico snowboards twice a week with friends or Adobe co-workers. He enjoys the freedom, the creativity, and the feeling of “flying.”

Adobe’s wellness incentive covers Nico’s lift passes and part of his lessons. Last year, he even applied the benefit to a gym membership. “You can use it for swimming, badminton — whatever sport you like,“ Nico says.

In the future, Nico plans to snowboard in Japan, and possibly Italy or Utah. He’s even eyeing a Red Bull downhill competition.

“It’s all about the challenge,” he says. “But once you master the board, it’s also great fun.”