Asia Feature

Molding fearless minds

November 12, 2013

Viraj-1University graduates have no fear and they’re eager to conquer the world. That’s exactly what we heard from Adobe’s director of engineering for Acrobat Services, Viraj C., when we caught up with him about university recruiting for his team.

Viraj is a huge proponent of university recruitment as Adobe India has been able to attract some of the top talent the country has to offer, and they’ve performed exceptionally well. Some filing patents within the first year of working at Adobe with support from managers and peers. “University graduates have such a penchant for learning and trying new things,” said Viraj. “What we do is to provide them with an environment that fosters learning and risk taking, and the sky’s the limit. They are impressionable and they want to be molded. And that’s perfect.”

Viraj’s mantra is to ‘catch them young and watch them grow.’ His team has seen many talented engineers blossom from Adobe’s university recruitment program. “I can confidently say that this has been one of the best funnels of talent for Adobe India,” Viraj mentions. “They help us stay dynamic, innovative and ingenious.”

Today, the many university graduates at Adobe India contribute towards new product development and innovation for our customers. Adobe India recruits for the Adobe Technology Lab and Software Product Development Groups. University recruiting runs from July through December. If you’re interested in joining the team, visit