Asia Feature

A fine balance

November 19, 2013

AnnaMWork-life balance has many merits. It helps us stay more organized, focused and productive, but above all, it keeps us happy. Meet Anna M., an Adobe employee in Sydney, Australia, who recently returned from maternity leave. Here, she shares her appreciation for the flexibility that Adobe has extended to her.

Adobe Life: Congratulations! We understand your daughter is now 15 months old and you’re returning to Adobe part-time. What has this meant to you?

Anna: It has meant a lot to me. I’ve been able to enjoy the balance of quality time with my children and the demands of my work schedule.

AL: What support have you been given to transition back to Adobe Australia as a working mum?

Anna: My leadership team at Adobe has been extremely supportive. They’ve essentially created a role that enables me to support and offer value to the business while working part-time. Adobe also provides the technology and tools required to allow me to deliver on the objective of my role in a flexible working environment.

AL: Now that you’re back part-time, tell me what you do at Adobe?

Anna: I’m an account manager on the education sales team. I’m responsible for ensuring that we secure strategic deals.

AL: How would you describe Adobe’s attitude towards working mums?

Anna: My experience has been superb. I believe Adobe really offers great support to working mums and dads so they can be successful in their careers, and at the same time be active parents.

AL: What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Anna: To always be two steps ahead. For example, I always have a plan and a backup plan. From a sales perspective, the best advice I’ve received are know your customers and know your audience.

AL: If there is one advice you can give to individuals considering a career at Adobe, what would that be?

Anna: We have a lot of opportunities at Adobe and there’s always room to grow. The best part, employees own their careers at Adobe so your success is completely in your control.