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Man’s Best Friend

December 10, 2013


As part of Adobe’s Season of Giving, employees at our European head office in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, were invited to bring their four-legged companions into the office to take part in the first Adobe “Bring your dog to work” day.

The day was planned to help raise funds for Dogs for the Disabled – a life-transforming charity that creates exceptional partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs. Through practical assistance, a dog can offer freedom and independence to children and adults with physical disabilities and children with autism.

Our breakout area was transformed into a dog friendly environment with an abundance of dog toys and treats. By 10:00am, the area was alive with the sound of small, medium and large pattering paws and playful characters. In the afternoon, the furry family members accompanied their best friends back to their desks where they got to see them at work.

Employees donated their spare change for this fantastic cause. All in all, we successfully raised £350 which will go a long way in helping this charity continue the work that they do.

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Thank you for sharing this story! I’m proud to work at a place that does anything it can to help the community that surrounds it. And ‘pattering paws’ make it all the more a joyous way of doing it. Love the idea! Here’s wishing you the best in all future endeavours.

PS: Could we have more pictures of this event, please?

While I have been working at Adobe for close to 2 years now, and many things about Adobe have impressed me, this initiative is one that has truly touched my heart. Respect for our canine friends, and actually raising money for this cause brought an immediate WOW reaction! 🙂 Being an animal activist, i really hope that such an initiative is brought even to Adobe India