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Making an impact in Adobe’s Global Delivery Centre

January 29, 2014

Rotem-FeatureAdobe’s Global Delivery Centre (GDC) is one of the fastest growing areas for the company. We recently sat down with Rotem B., director of Centre, who gave us an insight into his business and the career opportunities available on his team.

Adobe Life: So Rotem, describe your role at Adobe? How did you end up at Adobe and what led you to leading a world-class global development centre?

Rotem B.: I lead a team of technical and business consultants who are focused on implementing and delivering Adobe’s Digital Marketing solutions to thousands of customers. Like many of my colleagues, I joined Adobe through an acquisition, Omniture in my case. At Adobe, I found an amazing group of people who shared similar values and cultures, and was fortunate to get multiple consulting and pre-sales roles to prepare me for the current job.

Adobe Life: Your business is flourishing in India, how would you describe the career opportunities to prospective talent in such a fast growing part of Adobe’s business?

RB: The Global Delivery Center is one of the newest (12 months old) and fastest growing groups in all Adobe. As such, we have a lot of opportunities and needs. We have customer-facing roles with business consulting, we have cutting-edge development work on Adobe’s Experience Manager products, and we have teams working on customer integration with 3 to 4 of our solutions at the same time. All these opportunities provide a challenging environment with tons of growth potential for people wanting to develop their skills and be an expert in the Digital Marketing space.

Adobe Life: What are the key things you look for when hiring?

RB: As I mentioned, our consultants have various skill sets from business to technical expertise. We’re always on the look out for bright, passionate people with these backgrounds so we can continue to grow our world-class customer enablement program that we created specifically for the GDC. The most important thing for us are people who are willing to invest their time and those who want to be a part of the Adobe GDC family and grow with us.

Adobe Life: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

RB: The best career advice I ever got was actually from my first mentor. Funnily enough, it was, “Make sure you find a mentor you trust and learn from them.” That ‘s why we make it a point to have a buddy system in the GDC, with experienced team leads and managers that can help all our team members learn from their experiences and help guide them in their career.

 Adobe Life: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever given?

RB: Well, that’s a question for those I’ve given the advice to. Anyhow, I constantly say, “Always think about where you want to be in 5 years, and choose roles that can prepare you for that position.” That is what is so exciting for me in our GDC—we have so many different roles at all levels and if you have a notion of what you want to learn and are willing to invest the time, there will be a right role for you.


If you’re interested in joining the team, visit our career site to explore opportunities.