Adobe Interns Experience Marketing the Adobe Brand

February 5, 2014

Adobe internships enable undergraduates to get a taste of the real world. Both Mallory M. and Rebecca W. are this year’s interns on the Digital Media team at Adobe United Kingdom (UK). Coincidentally, they’re both from the same university and even attended the same assessment day for the their respective internship positions at Adobe. While they both support the Digital Media team, they’re armed with different skill sets. Rebecca is studying Marketing while Mallory is majoring  in Public Relations (PR). They sit side-by-side at the office and are both focused on marketing the Adobe Creative Cloud and Digital Publishing Suite to customers in the UK. According to Mallory and Rebecca, they’re soaking up every bit of their Adobe experience. In this brief interview, they share their perspective and advice for future interns.


Adobe Life: What is the placement or internship process really like?

Mallory M.: Applying for placements is not something to be left on the back burner. You need to think of them the same as you would a major assignment or that dream job because they’re both. We were both advised to apply for about 30 to 40 placements. After the applications are out there, you may get called back for an interview which leaves you feeling excited and nervous at the same time. A trick to calming these nerves and feeling confident is to prepare well. Write out questions you know or think would be asked and then prepare the answers.

Rebecca W.: At some companies, there might also be assessment centres. To me, this is the most daunting part of the process. There are always about 10 to 30 students all competing for the same placement, going through interviews, activities and presentations. For both of us, we could see that an internship at Adobe would give us great experience, insight and would open the door to lots of new possibilities.

Adobe Life: What attracted you to Adobe for your internship?

MM: Adobe is an innovative company. It’s creative, imaginative and all those other words that make you feel like you can do something noticeable with your work. I was familiar with Adobe products and knew what they could do. Working for a company that constantly paves the way for the creative industry and creative professionals was something I knew I wanted to be a part of and would inspire me professionally.

RW: Adobe is changing digital experiences and I admire Adobe as a brand. I am creative, a visual thinker and an amateur photographer, so for me, Adobe was a really attractive company to work for as it was aligned to many of my interests. I knew that working at Adobe would stretch my thinking and expose me to many different aspects of marketing and the creative industry as a whole.

Adobe Life: What have you been involved with during your time here?

MM: In the past 7 months at Adobe, I’ve worked across a vast range of campaigns with varying products such as the Digital Publishing Summit promoting Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and the “Ask A Pro” webinar series showcasing our latest tools and updates.

RW: There’s so much that it’s difficult to fit it all into a few lines! I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a lot of aspects including direct marketing, event planning and logistics, Acrobat telemarketing and online training webinar series. I’m currently looking forward to working on the “I Am The New Creative” campaign.

Adobe Life: What has been your favourite project so far?

MM: As a PR student and a writer, I’ve been given the opportunity to manage a monthly blog on behalf of Adobe which gives me experience writing from a corporate standpoint and lets me complete placement or internship with published work.

RW: I really enjoyed the UK Campus Tour, which took us to universities and other locations across the UK to raise awareness and educate students about Adobe products. It was a project I worked on from start to finish. I learnt so much from this experience as it was my first major campaign. I was given full responsibility and ownership for this entire campaign. It was really rewarding to see it all come together.

Adobe Life: Any thoughts of what you’d like to do after placement?

MM: I definitely want to stay in marketing and do a bit of PR. I love brainstorming campaign ideas and see them come to life with our agencies and team. I want to stay in the technology sector or continue down the corporate publishing route. With the experiences I’ve had here, I’ve been able to work in many different roles to find out which fits me best.

RW: My year at Adobe has confirmed that I’m pursuing the right degree. I’m still keeping an open mind about my future, but I think I’d like to stay in marketing, maybe branching into advertising as well. I spent a week with our agency, Torpedo, which I loved and would like to get some more experience in agencies before deciding on whether to work client side or agency side.

Adobe Life: What will you take away from your internship?

MM: I’ll be leaving Adobe with the skills and experience to jump right into any future campaigns and not feel like a fish out of water. I’ve learnt how to see projects through and track their success once they’re completed. Not only has the year been a success from a professional perspective, but it has been the same with education. I’ll go back to university with a different outlook on PR than my peers and be able to apply that to our group assignments and essays.

RW: I’ll take away the privilege of having worked for one of world’s most admired companies and one of the UK’s Top 100 Best Places to Work. This internship has opened my eyes to life beyond university. It has been challenging at times, however, I’ve learnt a huge amount, grown as an individual and I feel a lot more confident moving forward. It has given me an idea of what I want to do after graduating university, and this year has taught me skills that will hopefully prepare me for an exciting future.

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