University Feature

Students show off iOS app design skills

February 12, 2014


Watch out, Flappy Bird. There’s a new app in town.

Adobe co-sponsored and judged a competition at MIT in early February, and we were seriously impressed with what we saw. The competition was the last part of a four-week iOS game design and development course, and students competed in teams of three to create their own games.

“I decided to join the mobile development course to get a good feel for iOS development as well as network with those in the gaming industry,” says Jan Rodriguez, an MIT junior who helped build a game called Paradox Runner. “This competition was the perfect opportunity.”

The competition winners built Solar Sprint, which has the player collect star fragments while traveling through space. Anthony M., from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Team, says he loved Solar Sprint because it showed all the hallmarks of a commercially successful app: high-quality graphics, compatibility with all iOS devices, no rendering errors, intuitive play, and a gradual increase in difficulty.

Check out the games here. In addition to the winner, Solar Sprint, some of our favorites were:

  • Baby Shower—When the stork drops babies from the sky, it’s your job to help deliver them to the ground safely.
  • Chroma—Neutralize invasive color dots by selecting their opposite colors from a spinning color wheel.
  • Marble Run—Solve puzzles by placing colored marbles into funnels so they arrive in the correct bin.
  • Fish Fish—Use face detection technology to control your fish as he swims through tropical waters and avoids sharks and other undersea creatures.