Italy Awaits Adobe’s Top Sales Performers

March 19, 2014

"Of the Year" Award Winners
“Of the Year” Award Winners
The Platinum Club program is Adobe’s yearly incentive trip designed to recognize and reward the company’s top sales performers. It’s an exclusive list of attendees – approximately 120 Sales employees are invited each year, and past destinations include Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica. The minimum qualification is 100% quota achievement for the year, and winners are chosen based on their sales achievement percentage against that quota. In addition, a handful of non-quota employees are selected to attend the Platinum Club trip in special recognition for their contribution in supporting the Sales organization. Annually, Adobe also recognizes outstanding team members in nine categories including channel account management, consulting and sales who exemplify the core values. This “Of the Year” award qualifies winners for the Platinum Club trip.

This year, the group will spend six days in Rome and Florence, with private guided tours and formal dinners planned. Next year the destination is the Four Seasons resort in Punta Mita, Mexico, where guests will have the chance to play golf on ocean-side courses, relax on beautiful beaches, and scuba, snorkel, fish and socialize with their colleagues for six days.

What is their formula for success? This year’s “Of the Year” award winners share their advice and motto by which they live their #AdobeLife:

  • Mark B., Sales Rep of the Year: “‘Optimistic Paranoia’ — Be available to your customers at all times, have backup if you can’t be available, know every detail, be paranoid, and maximize face time outside of the customer’s office.”
  • Rick P., Sales Manager of the Year: “I love to compete, to win, and to make my customers successful. I am very fortunate to have a great team surrounding me — a team with intelligence, high integrity and amazing commitment to execution. They make it possible.”
  • Jeff G., Solution Consultant Manager of the Year“My advice for new consultants is to remember that you’re part of a larger team — use their knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.”
  • Lisa G., Channel Account Manager of the Year“I am maniacal about attracting and retaining the best talent on my team. It makes or breaks our success as a team. And then, leading our team through change by providing our vision, communicating often, and taking risks.”
  • Erik V., Friend of the Field“Don’t ask of anyone that which you are not willing to do yourself.”
  • Nigel M., Solution Consultant of the Year“I have a passion for learning and I am always trying to expand my knowledge. I seek out the great training Adobe provides and then I work hard to apply it.”
  • Jonathan B., Sales Account Manager of the Year“I work with some of the smartest and brightest in the business, and they inspire me to make an impact every day.”
  • Rachel W., Partner Manager of the Year“Understand the intricacies of your customer’s business. Beyond organizational charts and key objectives, learn their taxonomy, their culture, their fears, and how your key constituents are measured.”
  • Raj J., Consultant of the Year“My favorite quote is by Nelson Mandela — ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.'”

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